Dear Friends

Faced with incredible challenges posed by COVID-19, we chose faith over fear and mobilized our efforts to overcome technological difficulties, celebrate Mass virtually, console the grief-stricken, provide services to the less fortunate, and find interesting ways to engage on social media. With unrivaled fortitude, we faced a global pandemic that challenged our faith and tested our selflessness.


The pandemic also exposed some lasting vulnerabilities.  How do we as Catholics maintain a sense of connectedness with social distancing measures in place? How do we run our parish, meet the growing demand for pastoral services, creatively engage youth and adults, pay salaries, and maintain our spiritual home with most of our funds stemming from cash and envelopes?


The vitality and vibrancy of our parish is the responsibility of all its members. For this reason, I ask that you join me in sustaining Our Lady of Lourdes R.C. Church by participating in our Parish Stewardship Program.


  • Firstly, if you are unable to physically join us in celebration of the Eucharist, I invite you to connect with us and learn of updates on our parish website at


  • Additionally, and quite candidly, we need your financial support. It takes $12,000 per week to run our parish. With current weekly offertory at approximately $5,000 and a 50% decline experienced over a four-month period during COVID-19, we will have to remain prudent with expenses and still find a way to serve the pastoral needs of our 2,700 parishioners.


I ask that you help us meet our expenses, reduce costs, and provide a sustainable source of income by enrolling in electronic giving. To get started, please access the DONATE page on our website: or text the word ‘Sunday’ to (218) 400-5111. Also, if your personal finances allow, please prayerfully reflect on your current level of support and consider increasing your regular giving by $5, $7, $10, or more. Again, only if you can. If you are unable to enroll in electronic giving, we humbly request you continue to sustain your vital support using envelopes.


We need a response from every parish household to make this a true success. I kindly request that you fill out the enclosed response form indicating your renewed commitment, preferred method of giving, and send it to the parish office or complete one online at


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to bring this delicate matter to your attention and may the Lord guide us so that we can faithfully lead and serve His word on the pathways to faith.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Fr. Patrick H. Longalong