Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
This year’s celebration of Easter brought a different type of common experience in our world. We are united in fear of what tomorrow will bring, of not knowing if our local communities will withstand the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and if our own families will get pass this terrible moment.
We accompany Jesus and his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane with our faith being badly shaken.
Many of us are suffering and feel helpless despite all our advanced technology, our pro-active local
leaders and the modern sciences we have developed in this point of history.
It is not a secret that this Pandemic is making the suffering of vulnerable people even deeper. Let us keep in mind the elderly, the sick, the poor, unemployed and migrants. We pray and urge our leaders to rise to the challenge of creating a unit- ed community despite our differences. However, we know deep down that we cannot create real community without love. This love, seen in small and large gestures of hope and solidarity, is calling us to a new future and a new way of living. COVID-19 knows no borders but neither do faith, hope, and love.
The answer to this crisis lies in all of us and in our unity. As people around the world face Easter without the possibility of physical communion, without the possibility of celebrating the Eucharist physically together, we have an opportunity to reflect deeply on what “Body of Christ” means for each of us. In the
darkness of this crisis, the light of Christ will shine. Jesus is truly risen! He will not die again.
May Jesus rise for people around the world through our love!
A Blessed Easter to all of you from all the parish staff, deacons and priests!
Fr. Patrick