The Bethsaida Spirituality Center , the former parish convent, serves as:

  • Parish meetings facility
  • Spirituality Center which accommodates group and/or individual retreats and days of prayer
  • Parish Convent, providing housing for three religious sisters

Parish Meeting Facility

All recognized groups/ministries/programs of the parish are welcome to use the building as a place for meetings, as available.

Spirituality Center

Groups and/or individuals from the parish or outside the parish are welcome to use the building for retreats and days of recollection for purposes that are in accord with Church and parish policy. For information about Bethsaida Spirituality Center or to request reservations for the use of the center, contact the rectory.

For retreat groups, there are seventeen (17) bedrooms, a large chapel able to accommodate about 60 people, several meeting rooms, and a kitchen and dining room. Groups are expected to provide their own food. There is an elevator. There is also ample parking.

Parish Convent

As a parish convent, Bethsaida serves as home for three religious sisters. If interested in volunteering or learning more about the Center, please call (718) 479-5111.